Halmstad University Scholarships – 50% or 25% Discount of Tuition Fees for Master Degree Programs

Halmstad University, in Sweden, is a fairly small university, founded in 1983. It focuses on real life projects in the education provided to its students and is driven by innovation and research. There are three major areas of study offered by the university: innovation science, healthy lifestyle and information technology.

The university supports international students by offering scholarships for all the master degree programs. The scholarship is offered to students who come from outside of the European Union or European Economic Area and covers a part (25% or 50%) of the tuition fee for the degree program. Students who are interested in the scholarship must first apply for a master degree program at the university. After applying for the master, students who are eligible for the scholarship will receive a link to the scholarship online application before 1 March 2019. Candidates must complete the online scholarship form until 10 March 2019. The selection of the successful candidates will be based on academic performance (GPA scores and the ranking of the university from where the candidate has received his bachelor degree). Students who will receive the scholarship will be announced by email at the beginning of April. The scholarship is offered for the first semester of the degree program, being renewed if the academic results of the student are satisfactory.

The application period opens up on 1 March 2019 and closes on 10 March 2019. Find out more about the application process and about the university on its website.

Traditional master degree programs can be expensive, even when tuition fees are not that high, because accommodation costs and other living expenses add up to a significant amount of money. Recently, a more affordable and more flexible type of education has become increasingly popular: online education. Online education comes in different shapes and sizes, from online courses and distance learning programs to online degree programs. Getting your college education online means enrolling to an online university or college, attending to online classes and passing online exams. Many online degree programs also require online projects, individual or in groups. Pursuing you college education online allows you more freedom in organizing your daily schedule and comes with smaller tuition fees, both important reasons for you to take this alternative into consideration. If you are not still convinced that this type of education is right for you, try enrolling to an online free course (there are many available online) and see how it suits you.

50% or 75% Reduction of Tuition Fees for Degree Programs at Blekinge Institute of Technology

Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, in Sweden, is an university focused on technology innovation and sustainable development. Most degree programs offered by the university combine IT with engineering, health care, design and industrial economics. Students at BTH have the opportunity to focus on real life projects and challenges and interact with companies from different industries, raising their chances of starting a career after graduation.

Prospective students of BTH can apply for a BTH scholarship, which will cover from 50% to 75of their tuition fees. The scholarship is dedicated to international student, coming from outside of European Union or from outside of European Economic Area, who are required in Sweden to pay tuition fees for their university education. The scholarships are awarded based on the academic performance of the students. The eligibility criteria also include having applied for an on campus program. Students who are enrolled to distance learning courses are not eligible for the scholarship.  The scholarship is granted as a tuition fee discount, so students will not receive the money, but will pay a smaller tuition fee. The scholarship does not cover living expenses.

The application will open on 1 December 2018 and end on 15 January 2019. Only those students who have paid the application fee will have their applications taken into consideration. So it is important to make sure you have paid the scholarship application fee. Results of the selection process will be announced on 4 April 2019. Find out more about the scholarship by clicking here.

In most cases, on campus degree programs tend to be expensive. Although applying for a scholarship is always worth the effort, it is not always a successful initiative. So what is left to do if you did not get the scholarship you were hoping for? Take a look at distance learning education. Many prestigious universities have started to offer distance learning education programs, especially when it comes to study fields like technology or science. But traditional universities are not the only option for you if you think about approaching distance learning education. Online universities are today an important trend in education, attracting more and more students every year. The reasons for the online universities success are easy to understand: many have lower tuition costs and they usually allow a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to organizing your study and daily schedule. If you are carefully choose the online degree program that is right for you, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of getting a higher education.

Full Scholarship for Syrian Students at University of Gothenberg, Master Degree Program

University of Gothenberg is 127 years old and prides itself on welcoming international students from all over the world and placing value on environment and sustainable development. Adlerbertska Foundation helps Syrian students who want to study in Sweden at a master degree program level, at University of Gothenberg. The scholarship offered consist of full tuition cover, 62 000 SEK (around €6000) for each semester and medical insurance.

The eligibility criteria for the candidates include: having a Syrian citizenship, being required to pay tuition fees at the university, having applied for a master degree program at the university until 15 January 2019, having paid the application fee and sent all the documents required before 1 February 2019. The application is made online, by completing an online application form which will be available on the university website in the period 4 February-14 February 2019. Students are also required to upload their CV and motivation letter that they have sent for the master degree program that they have applied for. Students who have applied for more than one master degree program must send the letter of motivation for each program.

The University of Gothenberg offers 70 master degree programs, from applied data science to biology, ancient and medieval philosophy or applied design. Students from European Union and European Economic Area are not required to pay tuition fees, as opposed to students from other countries. Find out everything you need to know about the scholarship here.

If you do not obtain a scholarship to sustain your master degree program fees, there is no need to despair. You can always think about the option of online masters degrees. AS any other online degree programs, online masters degrees have the significant advantage of lower tuition costs. Whether you want to further your studies or change your career, applying to online masters degrees can be a perfect choice for you. One thing you should pay attention to, if you choose to pursue online education, is the accreditation aspect. Online universities are required to go through an accreditation process, which verifies the quality of their educational content. This way, accredited universities will offer degrees which are recognized by other universities and by companies which will employ their graduates. Online education is an exciting and flourishing domain, where technology progress and the right to education meet. It is a great opportunity for students from all over the world, especially for those with limited financial resources or mobility.

€10 000 The Richard C. Malmsten Memorial Foundation Scholarship for Master Degree Programs in Sweden

The University of Gothenburg in Sweden, offers a 100 000 SEK (approximately €10 000) to international students who have applied and have been admitted to master degree programs in Law, Business or Economics. The scholarships are available for the academic year starting in August 2019 and the amount will be used to cover a part of the tuition fees for the two year duration of the master program. For each semester, students will receive a tuition fee discount of approximately €2500 (25000 SEK). The scholarship is offered for the whole duration of the program is the student pass all his courses.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students must have applied for a place at a master offered by the School of Business, Economics and Law, must have been admitted at the program and must have accepted the place. The candidates will be selected based on the GMAT or GRE score (the minimum score required is 350). Students who have provided these scores have priority in the selection process. Then, if other scholarships are available, students will be selected based on the credits obtained in their Bachelor Degree. Students who have been offered other scholarships by the university do not qualify for the Richard C. Malmsten Memorial Foundation Scholarship. The application is online and students can apply between 1 November 2018 and 1 February 2019. You can find more about the scholarship on the official website of the university.

Master degree programs offered by prestigious universities are understandably the first option for many students. But for those of you who cannot find a scholarship or bursary to pay for their educational expenses, online degree programs might be the second best thing. Online degree programs can be attended online, from a computer connected to internet, from anywhere in the world. The number of students who choose online degree programs is rising because of their flexibility and more affordable costs. If you think about looking for an online degree program, it is best to start searching for an accredited online university. Some traditional universities also offer online degree programs, but many of them are at prohibitive prices. An accredited online university, on the other hand, will deliver high quality education content at smaller tuition fees. Some online universities also offer scholarships and tuition fees discount. Others will only charge exam fees, offering free tuition. If you think online education might be an option for you, search for more information about it and choose the best program for you.