Sodertorn University: 50% Tuition Fee Discount for Master Degree Programs

Soderton University is located in Flemingsberg, near Stockolm, in Sweden. The university has almost 12 000 students, enrolled to 250 courses and 70 programs. The degree programs are in technology, arts and humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

Students who already have a Swedish degree from another university and are already enrolled in degree programs at a Swedish university or college. Who can apply for this scholarship? Students who have applied for a master degree program at the university and are not from European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland are eligible for this scholarship. Only full time students can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship consists in a reduction of 50% of the tuition costs. So, students must pay the rest of 50% of the tuition fee and must also cover the living costs. The scholarship is renewed for the second year if the student pass the exams and requirements for next year of study.

The scholarship application has begun on 16 October 2018 and ends on the 1 February 2019. Candidates must complete an application form and send it by email, along with a copy of passport, letter of motivation and a letter of recommendation. Read more about the scholarship and download the application form here. International students who want to study in Sweden can also apply for scholarships offered by the Swedish Institute funded by the government.

Traditional universities have various tuition fees, depending on the  country and the reputation of the university. Even when students receive a scholarship, the living costs and the relocation costs can be too great for the financial means of international students. That is when students can start to think about other options regarding their master or bachelor degree. Online universities require a smaller financial effort from their students and come with an implicit greater flexibility. There is no need to follow a specific schedule of classes, as they are all attended online. Moreover, some online universities will also offer scholarships or discounts. If you are not still convinced that distance learning is for you, you should know it is not just a new trend destined to fade out. Distance learning has been around for decades, starting with courses delivered by post and then by radio or television. Now, thanks to internet, we have online universities and online degree programs, which give us access to the best educational resources from the comfort of our homes.

Uppsala University President’s Club Scholarship -Full Tuition Scholarship for Master Degree Programs

You might have heard of Uppsala University before thinking of studying in Sweden. Uppsala University is the first Swedish university, founded in 1447. The university ranks among the first 100 universities in the world and hosts about 40 000 students. Fifteen Nobel Prize laureates have graduated from Uppsala University and 8 of them have been awarded the prize for research done while at the university. The institution offers degree programs from three study domains: medicine and pharmacy, technology and science and social sciences and humanities.

The Uppsala University President’s Club Scholarship is aimed at a talented and successful master degree international candidate. Is covers the tuition fees, but not the living expenses. Because students from the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland are not required to pay tuition fees in Sweden, the scholarship is dedicated to international students coming from countries outside these zones. The scholarship will be awarded based on academic merit and talent, to students who have applied for a master degree program, delivered on campus.

The application process for master degree programs starting in autumn of 2019 will take place between 16 January to 1 February 2019. The application is online and there are not required additional documents from the candidates. Find more information about the university, the scholarship and other types of financial support here.

There are not always scholarships available for all the students who need them, unfortunately. So what is to do if you are a student who did not receive a scholarship and does not have the financial means to support his studies? You can get your college education online. Online schools and online universities are chosen from students from any corner of the world because they offer many benefits. They have lower tuition taxes and provide greater flexibility in terms of daily study scheduling. So, obtaining your college education online is less expensive than going to a traditional university and allows you to freely organize your daily schedule. There is an important aspect all students who are considering online schools should know. That is the accreditation of the university they plan to enroll. Online schools and universities which have been verified by the department of education and have been found to respect quality standards receive an accreditation. It is important to obtain an online degree from an accredited university, because that way the degree is recognized by other educational institutions and by companies.

Full Tuition Scholarship at Mid Sweden University for Master Degree Programs

In Sweden, students from European Union and European Economic Area can study for free. Students from other countries are required to pay tuition fees which can prove to be too high, when considering other living costs too. This is why most universities offer international students a number of scholarships in the form of a tuition waiver. This means that the students who receive the scholarship will not need to pay the tuition fee at all or will be able to pay just a part of it. This is the case of Mid Sweden University.

Mid Sweden University offers many degree programs in English, in domains like business, tourism, technology or media. For degree programs starting in autumn of 2019, there are five master degree programs eligible for a total tuition fee scholarship. This means that the students who apply for Master in Tourism, Master in Business Administration, Master in Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development, Master in Computer Engineering and Master in  Embedded Sensor Systems will have a chance of studying for free if they apply and receive the scholarship. The scholarship will only cover the tuition fees, so candidates must cover their travel and living expense. The eligibility criteria are having applied to one of the above mentioned master degree programs and being required to pay a tuition fee. The application for the scholarship is made online, after the application for the master degree.

The deadline is 15 January 2019. Find the answers to other questions about the scholarship on the university website.

Whatever is your educational goal, scholarships can make it happen if financial support is all you need in order to succeed. Unfortunately, not all students can obtain a scholarship or afford to relocate into another city or another country, in order to study at a campus university. These students must remember that they can get a college degree online. Online colleges and online universities are becoming an attractive option for students who look for lower educational costs and higher flexibility in their lives. Getting a college degree online means learning from home, attending online classes and passing online exams. Most online colleges and universities are verified by official education institutions in order to obtain an accreditation. So the quality of their programs is usually guaranteed by an accreditation from the department of education. It is important to choose an accredited online university, because this way your diploma will be more useful and more valuable after graduation.

Linnaeus University Scholarships: 75%-100% Tuition Fee Cover for Master Degree Programs

Linnaeus University is located in Vaxjo and Kalmar in Sweden. At Linnaeus University are around 34 000 students, who study in programs from arts and humanities, social sciences, health and life science, technology and economics. The university offers its students high-end research centers, focusing on ecology, bio science and big data to discrimination and other social phenomena.

International students can apply for master degree programs at Linnaeus University, which are taught in English. Students from European Union and European Economic Area and Switzerland do not need to pay tuition fees for studying in Sweden. Students from other countries are required to pay full tuition. Linnaeus University offers these international students the opportunity of paying a smaller tuition fee, by applying for a scholarship.

The Linnaeus University Scholarships usually consists of a 75% reduction of the tuition taxes, but some of the students might receive a 100% cover of tuition fees. Except their nationality, the eligibility criteria include having applied for a master degree program at the university as a first choice and having completed the application form before 1 February 2019. The application process is opened in mid January 2019. The application process is online and students will have to upload their CV and a motivation letter. The selection of the candidates is made on academic performance. The prestige of the universities that they have graduated from will also be taken into consideration, as well as their English proficiency.

The reduction of tuition fees is offered initially for the first semester and then renewed, if the students maintain good academic results. Find out more about the scholarship on the university website.

The degree programs at traditional universities can be quite expensive, even when scholarships and discounts are available. This is why online degree programs have become so sought after lately. Their popularity is rising, as they require smaller tuition fees and they do not involve relocation costs. Online degree programs are available in many domains, from technology to arts and social sciences. You can enroll to a distance learning program if you want to obtain a bachelor degree, or a master degree or even an associate degree. Most of these degrees are recognized by other universities and by companies, especially if the university that offers the distance learning program is accredited. This is why students interested in online degree programs are advised to check if the university they apply to is accredited.

Halmstad University Scholarships – 50% or 25% Discount of Tuition Fees for Master Degree Programs

Halmstad University, in Sweden, is a fairly small university, founded in 1983. It focuses on real life projects in the education provided to its students and is driven by innovation and research. There are three major areas of study offered by the university: innovation science, healthy lifestyle and information technology.

The university supports international students by offering scholarships for all the master degree programs. The scholarship is offered to students who come from outside of the European Union or European Economic Area and covers a part (25% or 50%) of the tuition fee for the degree program. Students who are interested in the scholarship must first apply for a master degree program at the university. After applying for the master, students who are eligible for the scholarship will receive a link to the scholarship online application before 1 March 2019. Candidates must complete the online scholarship form until 10 March 2019. The selection of the successful candidates will be based on academic performance (GPA scores and the ranking of the university from where the candidate has received his bachelor degree). Students who will receive the scholarship will be announced by email at the beginning of April. The scholarship is offered for the first semester of the degree program, being renewed if the academic results of the student are satisfactory.

The application period opens up on 1 March 2019 and closes on 10 March 2019. Find out more about the application process and about the university on its website.

Traditional master degree programs can be expensive, even when tuition fees are not that high, because accommodation costs and other living expenses add up to a significant amount of money. Recently, a more affordable and more flexible type of education has become increasingly popular: online education. Online education comes in different shapes and sizes, from online courses and distance learning programs to online degree programs. Getting your college education online means enrolling to an online university or college, attending to online classes and passing online exams. Many online degree programs also require online projects, individual or in groups. Pursuing you college education online allows you more freedom in organizing your daily schedule and comes with smaller tuition fees, both important reasons for you to take this alternative into consideration. If you are not still convinced that this type of education is right for you, try enrolling to an online free course (there are many available online) and see how it suits you.