Looking for a quick scholarship to apply-to? Check out this $500 opportunity

If you’ve just enrolled with an online degree program, you’re probably starting to realize one thing. You might need help paying for it. While college education online is often referred to as the affordable variant to get a higher education, fees can still be quite high.

Actually some online classes are quite similar in cost to their traditional counterparts. So don’t feel bad if you come to the conclusion that you will need to find ways to get a sponsorship in order to be able to pay for your online degree program. Most students will reach the very same one at some point in time.

What you can do, is get to work immediately. Unlike a decade ago, studying with online classes no longer means you are not eligible to get a few scholarships. On the contrary. There are plenty of funding programs today, which are also available for those who are enrolled with a college education online.

Most general scholarships accept application from digital learners, while others are exclusively targeting those who are pursuing an online degree program. All you need to do is find them. Granted, this might not seem like the easiest of tasks at first. The Internet is wide and there are so many scholarship options out there, it’s easy to start feeling lost.

But if you stick to searching, you’ll find it’s not that hard to dig out the scholarships that are right for you. You could start by incorporating your major into your scholarship search. It’s a very simple way to single out some programs that you might be eligible for. However, you need to make sure you read the scholarship description in full. Some grants have other requirements like a minimum GPA and so on. So in order to avoid investing time in a venture that’s meant to fail, make sure you go through the full description before applying.

To give you an example of a scholarship targeting students in certain fields, check out the AfterCollege Business Student Scholarship who is awaiting applications from undergraduates, as well as graduate students. You can either be pursuing offline or online classes in one of these areas:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Business administration
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • International relations
  • Management
  • Political science
  • Public relations

You also need to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to apply for this grant. You do? That’s great! Then let us tell you how you can apply for the scholarship.

Set up a personal profile on AfterCollege.com and fill it out with as much as info as possible. You’ll be asked about your education, experience and so on.

You’ll also have to do a bit of creative writing. Like for example, you’ll need to describe your goals and values that you bring in the academic or professional context (200 words or less).

You have until December 31, 2018 to fill out your profile as much as you can. The grant is worth $500 and even if this is a small amount, at least this is an easy-to-apply scholarship. So you should be done with the application process in just a few hours. Paying for your college education online has never been easier!


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  1. I\’m a Sierra Leonean educating young children I own a primary school in Sierra rutile please me to develop this children

  2. Hi, I am kallon from sierra Leone which I\’m looking towards people who are ready to help me out which I want to study medicine

  3. Hello. .i didn\’t see my choice of study. .i would want to study Agriculture (Animal Science option). Please I really would like to secure a full time scholarship program in ur establishment

  4. am Mohamed Abdi Ali
    I want to study Master in Information Technology please and please, help me. if this subject not available at you i choose another areas Political science.

  5. I great you in the name of the lord, my name is Muganga Nasifu a social worker by professional I would love to achieve a certificate in Human resource management at your school if am given a chance to study with u.

  6. My self Mohammad usman I\’m from Pakistan but I live in small village of Pakistan\’s province (kpk) I done my BSc with following subjects chemistry,botany and zoology so I want to study abroad for my small village . Can anyone help me!?

  7. Bonjour,je suis Norbert, aidez moi à postuler le master En science politique ,éthique environnementale, je parle l\’anglais et français.je suis En cote d\’ivoire. Contact 22540057772

  8. This is mr. Girmay Hailu Abraha from Ethiopia. I have first degree in Economics. I want to continue masters degree in any related field of study. But since my salary is only 173$ US dollars.so I can not pay any fee. How can you help me finding free online scholar ? or any scholarship? It may be even in loan.

  9. I am a Sri Lankan,second year international medical student currently at UK university and looking for some kind of financial assistance/scholarship in order to continue my studies in UK. I have an outstanding academic records throughout with extra curricular activities.
    Grateful if you could email more information to enable me to me to submit my application for this scholarship program.
    Thank you in advance and look forward to your early response.

  10. Hi Am Ashley ,Am currently in Cape Town South Africa,Originally form Zimbabwe,And I would like too father my beauty therapy studies I have a Deploma ,I need an advanced degree to be able to work in ships and movie industries. Thank you

  11. I am Angelo Agany A. Wek from South Sudan, I want to study medicine.

    I am financially helpless.
    Plz help me .

  12. I am Jacob Ernest P. Madriñan from Zamboanga City, Philippines . I want to finished my due to financial problem. Hope this Scholarship will helped me reach my dreams.

  13. My names are mathar Andong Ndakwe from Cameroon I\’m a degree nurse and I wish to continue study in the UK pls help me achieve my goals

  14. Hi my name is Erica Pabingwit a Grade12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Student from the university of Universidad de Zamboanga. And Im looking for a scholarship, I hope you can help and recommend a good opportunity. Thank you!

  15. I have sending email but is not working
    Hw can u achive this scholarship pls help me i
    Want study law at england but i dont have anybody to traine me dis is my number 09057119224

  16. I have sending email but is not working
    Hw can u achive this scholarship pls help me i
    Want study law at england but i dont have anybody to traine me dis is my number 09057119224
    I can still study business adim

  17. I\’m Kimpelly Waini from Zimbabwe. I\’m the eldest son of my fathers siblings in a family of my grandfather where I am the archiever of the advanced level and would want to go to university to acquire a degree in a family where nobody achieved tertiary education. My application for a scholarship is to become an academic amount the academics in the world. From the background of my poor family I would like to be assisted to have my dreams come true. Therefore, may I have this opportunity to learn more and develop the world for the good of creating employment and more ventures for the good of humanity

  18. Please have been wanting to apply for a scholarship school to study any medical course….could you please help me with the guilds so I would apply..Thank you

  19. Hi. My names are Kaluba Marien from Zambia and I would really appreciate it if you could assist me in finding a scholarship abroad. I want to study medicine. Thank you

  20. Hi I\’m Bongekile Mavundla I need help I\’m studying at unisa a Bed degree in teaching but now I\’m struggling to pay my fees I need help.

  21. Hi! Im interested in a masters degree program in water resources engineering. From Tanzania,east Africa.
    Whatsapp (+255755091873)

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