Halmstad University Scholarships – 50% or 25% Discount of Tuition Fees for Master Degree Programs

Halmstad University, in Sweden, is a fairly small university, founded in 1983. It focuses on real life projects in the education provided to its students and is driven by innovation and research. There are three major areas of study offered by the university: innovation science, healthy lifestyle and information technology.

The university supports international students by offering scholarships for all the master degree programs. The scholarship is offered to students who come from outside of the European Union or European Economic Area and covers a part (25% or 50%) of the tuition fee for the degree program. Students who are interested in the scholarship must first apply for a master degree program at the university. After applying for the master, students who are eligible for the scholarship will receive a link to the scholarship online application before 1 March 2019. Candidates must complete the online scholarship form until 10 March 2019. The selection of the successful candidates will be based on academic performance (GPA scores and the ranking of the university from where the candidate has received his bachelor degree). Students who will receive the scholarship will be announced by email at the beginning of April. The scholarship is offered for the first semester of the degree program, being renewed if the academic results of the student are satisfactory.

The application period opens up on 1 March 2019 and closes on 10 March 2019. Find out more about the application process and about the university on its website.

Traditional master degree programs can be expensive, even when tuition fees are not that high, because accommodation costs and other living expenses add up to a significant amount of money. Recently, a more affordable and more flexible type of education has become increasingly popular: online education. Online education comes in different shapes and sizes, from online courses and distance learning programs to online degree programs. Getting your college education online means enrolling to an online university or college, attending to online classes and passing online exams. Many online degree programs also require online projects, individual or in groups. Pursuing you college education online allows you more freedom in organizing your daily schedule and comes with smaller tuition fees, both important reasons for you to take this alternative into consideration. If you are not still convinced that this type of education is right for you, try enrolling to an online free course (there are many available online) and see how it suits you.

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  1. I am currently studying with the University Of South Africa, for a Bachelor\’s Education Degree. I am struggling financial to pay for my studies, Now The University is intimidating for chasing me away if I do not take 10 modules. At the moment I am owing the University R2100 that I do not have. I\’ve been applying for bursaries but with no luck to obtain one. I am pleading for an assistant. I will appreciate it if I can get any help.

  2. I\’m Ruth S Sackie from Liberia I am highly interested in this scholarship and I wish to be a part of the successful candidate.

  3. hi im levy yanngo from philippines i want to study education and i really want your help i want a full scholarship. I wish to be one of the chosen candidate

  4. Hi, am Adho gufu, from kenya..i would like to study abroad for my masters program given full scholarship..kindly consider me.

  5. Hello i am Abubakar Khan from Pakistan . I need a full scholarship for master in biology . Kindly consider me.

  6. Hello am Daniel Bahru damtew and I have Bsc degree in civil engineering year of 2008 Ethiopian calander with 3.07 CGPA
    If any one who can help me am here waiting. Thank you
    Am from Ethiopia

  7. Am Kelvin Muthami a Kenyan kindly requesting for full sponsorship to pursue
    bachelor in medicine or geospatial engineering

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