Full Scholarship for Syrian Students at University of Gothenberg, Master Degree Program

University of Gothenberg is 127 years old and prides itself on welcoming international students from all over the world and placing value on environment and sustainable development. Adlerbertska Foundation helps Syrian students who want to study in Sweden at a master degree program level, at University of Gothenberg. The scholarship offered consist of full tuition cover, 62 000 SEK (around €6000) for each semester and medical insurance.

The eligibility criteria for the candidates include: having a Syrian citizenship, being required to pay tuition fees at the university, having applied for a master degree program at the university until 15 January 2019, having paid the application fee and sent all the documents required before 1 February 2019. The application is made online, by completing an online application form which will be available on the university website in the period 4 February-14 February 2019. Students are also required to upload their CV and motivation letter that they have sent for the master degree program that they have applied for. Students who have applied for more than one master degree program must send the letter of motivation for each program.

The University of Gothenberg offers 70 master degree programs, from applied data science to biology, ancient and medieval philosophy or applied design. Students from European Union and European Economic Area are not required to pay tuition fees, as opposed to students from other countries. Find out everything you need to know about the scholarship here.

If you do not obtain a scholarship to sustain your master degree program fees, there is no need to despair. You can always think about the option of online masters degrees. AS any other online degree programs, online masters degrees have the significant advantage of lower tuition costs. Whether you want to further your studies or change your career, applying to online masters degrees can be a perfect choice for you. One thing you should pay attention to, if you choose to pursue online education, is the accreditation aspect. Online universities are required to go through an accreditation process, which verifies the quality of their educational content. This way, accredited universities will offer degrees which are recognized by other universities and by companies which will employ their graduates. Online education is an exciting and flourishing domain, where technology progress and the right to education meet. It is a great opportunity for students from all over the world, especially for those with limited financial resources or mobility.

43 thoughts to “Full Scholarship for Syrian Students at University of Gothenberg, Master Degree Program”

  1. How I wish my dreams can come true by getting a scholarship to study a broad. This will mark the success and progress of me and my community at large.

  2. Am kindly requesting for scholarship to acquire more knowledge adding to the small one I have. I studied bachelor of statistic and I would like to go for masters of statistic.
    Thank you .

  3. I am a very interested and capable student for the scholarship and willing so much to get assistance from this organization if be your holy will

  4. I\’m very interested and in need of it,,,I want to be among of the student,,,please help me I want to do my study of medicine

  5. Nice to have this opportunity to continue my study abroad for further more up to university. ERITREAN nationality from sudan .I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in 2007.I am so excited to inform me about this scholarship garnts.I want to study computer science in you consider me to joint there thanks again nice to hear from you soon.


  7. I am still at school doing my grade 10 I need assist for paying my school fee and hostel fee for the next consecutive 3 years in Namibia, at DHPS School.



  8. Je suis déjà étudiante et je voudrais obtenir une bourse d’étude pour élargir les horizons et me spécialiser dans mon domaine à travers d’autres cultures

  9. Am Cornelius of Uganda ,who happens to be an orphan now but still with high hopes that someone will pick me up from dust and show me some love and also enable me acquire my dream of joining university after this one last year in high school though i have faint hopes of one to sponsor me through this academic year of a great step towards university .
    please anyone out there save me because my siblings are looking at me as their shield in the absence a guardian,

  10. i wish to study in the oversea countries with 100% scholarship pleas if there is any send me via my email. more the degree courses of computer science

  11. Could you please offer me a full scholarship.. I really need it and am sure will make use if it..
    Thank you
    Barnabas grey

  12. am kindly requesting for a full scholarship, your consideration will be highly appreciated and am proud to be your member.

  13. I would like to be a recipient of your scholarship. i would like to study software engineering or information technology.

  14. I m John Tetteh Asideka,I have masters in educational psychology, will like to study research program. I need a full scholarship

  15. I would like to be a recipient in your organization. I would like to study law at university of Zimbabwe. I hold an A level certificate with English lit A, Ndebele A, History A. I need scholarship

  16. How I wish your hearts can be touched to help me fund my studies with a scholarship to study abroad,my success and dreams I know will come through.


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