Write an essay on law for a chance to win a $1,500 scholarship

Online universities are the future, and more and more students seem to agree with this statement these days. Online degree programs have started to become the more attractive option to many learners out there who are looking to pursue a higher education.

Especially with the costs of living always being on the rise, as they are. Nowadays, not many people can afford to go to college without also getting a job to support their lifestyle, not to mention to pay for the fees.

Well online education accommodates having a job, by letting learners study at their own pace and when they have the time. Most importantly, you can study from anywhere, which in theory means that if manage to catch a free hour at work, you could use it to catch up on your botany.

An online degree also doesn’t put such a big hole through your bank account. Because you’ll be studying from home and not moving to be near campus, you will be able to save on some expenses.

But don’t kid yourself that online education fees aren’t high too. They are.  It’s just that you won’t need to worry about things like finding a new place to live or spending money on frequent commutes.

Speaking of fees. Most online universities offer programs that are priced similarly to their traditional counterparts. Which is why, most students find they can’t pay for the online degree they have chosen by themselves.

This is where scholarships come into the equation. Scholarships are free money grants that you don’t have to pay back once you’re done with your online education.

And it’s important to keep in mind that as an online student you are eligible to apply for grants. Online universities tend to offer scholarship programs of their own. So make sure to ask at your university of choice whether you can apply for a bursary or not.

If you’re not eligible, for whatever reason, don’t fret. You can still take your chances online. The Internet is a huge scholarship database and all you need to do is search for the ones you can apply to.

Don’t know where to start? We’ll give you an example. Check out the Steven & McMillan Law Scholarship which is offered annually to a student enrolled with an accredited university at the time of the application.

Candidates are expected to be in good academic standing, but the scholarship does not have a fixed GPA requirement.

Anyway, in order to get the chance to get your hands on this $1,500 scholarship for college, you need to submit a $1,000-word essay on a chosen law regarding the following topics:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Retaliation
  • Leave of absence violations

Applicants have to describe these laws have helped employees at the workplace. If you have examples in your family or circle or friends, you are most welcomed to use them.

The deadline for this grant is December 15, 2018, so you still have some time to compose your essay. Make sure you spell-check it before you send it in, or risk being disqualified.


Love to draw? Then you might have a chance to win this $5,000 scholarship

Enrollment with distance learning courses has been on the rise in the past few years, and if you’re thinking of making the plunge too, there’s no better time to do so.

Online schools are thriving and are offering a large palette of programs, at undergraduate and graduate level. What’s more, a lot of online degree program providers, nowadays, are backed-up by accreditation, so you don’t need to worry about enrolling with a non-respectable learning institution.

Online schools originated in the distance learning courses you could take my mail. But today given that almost everyone has access to a computer connected to the Internet they have morphed into online degree program options.

There are many people out there who wanted to attend college, but for a reason or another never managed to get to do that. Well the advent of online schools has encouraged a lot of individuals to go back to school or start a new online degree program from scratch.

Providers of distance learning courses are everywhere these days. A quick search online will reveal that. What’s more, some traditional colleges have recognized the value of online education and have started offering digital programs of their own in recent years.

So you might be able to find online degrees at brick-and-mortar universities too. The choice is very wide.

On top of that, returning or mature-age students, but not only, can hope to be able to access some financial help. Gone are the days when scholarships were reserved only for students attending prestigious colleges.

This is no longer the case today. The majority of students have a chance to land a grant, even if they don’t have a stellar GPA.

Some scholarship providers tend to care more about other qualities like willingness to learn or having a passion for a certain field.

To give you an example, here’s the L. Ron Hubbard’s Illustrators of the Future Contest. To apply you need to be an international or US-based student who has a passion for drawing, painting or other black&white mediums.

To enter, interested parties need to submit 3 ORIGINAL black-and-white Sci-Fi or Fantasy illustrations. Each needs to depict a different theme than the other two.

You have until December 31, 2018 to submit your work, so even if you’re reading this now, you still have plenty of time to start work and meet the deadline.

The entries will be judged by an assembly of professional artists. Three prizes worth $500 will be awarded each quarter. From the twelve quarterly winners, the judges will select a grant prize that will receive $5,000 in cash.

This is quite a generous sum, which you could put to very good use for paying your college bills. So if you’re an amateur artist with a passion for Sci-Fi and Fantasy don’t hesitate to apply for this grant.

As you can see, the scholarship has no GPA requirement. The important thing here is that the applicant is creative and knows how to draw.

Illustrator Contest

Looking for a quick scholarship to apply-to? Check out this $500 opportunity

If you’ve just enrolled with an online degree program, you’re probably starting to realize one thing. You might need help paying for it. While college education online is often referred to as the affordable variant to get a higher education, fees can still be quite high.

Actually some online classes are quite similar in cost to their traditional counterparts. So don’t feel bad if you come to the conclusion that you will need to find ways to get a sponsorship in order to be able to pay for your online degree program. Most students will reach the very same one at some point in time.

What you can do, is get to work immediately. Unlike a decade ago, studying with online classes no longer means you are not eligible to get a few scholarships. On the contrary. There are plenty of funding programs today, which are also available for those who are enrolled with a college education online.

Most general scholarships accept application from digital learners, while others are exclusively targeting those who are pursuing an online degree program. All you need to do is find them. Granted, this might not seem like the easiest of tasks at first. The Internet is wide and there are so many scholarship options out there, it’s easy to start feeling lost.

But if you stick to searching, you’ll find it’s not that hard to dig out the scholarships that are right for you. You could start by incorporating your major into your scholarship search. It’s a very simple way to single out some programs that you might be eligible for. However, you need to make sure you read the scholarship description in full. Some grants have other requirements like a minimum GPA and so on. So in order to avoid investing time in a venture that’s meant to fail, make sure you go through the full description before applying.

To give you an example of a scholarship targeting students in certain fields, check out the AfterCollege Business Student Scholarship who is awaiting applications from undergraduates, as well as graduate students. You can either be pursuing offline or online classes in one of these areas:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Business administration
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • International relations
  • Management
  • Political science
  • Public relations

You also need to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to apply for this grant. You do? That’s great! Then let us tell you how you can apply for the scholarship.

Set up a personal profile on AfterCollege.com and fill it out with as much as info as possible. You’ll be asked about your education, experience and so on.

You’ll also have to do a bit of creative writing. Like for example, you’ll need to describe your goals and values that you bring in the academic or professional context (200 words or less).

You have until December 31, 2018 to fill out your profile as much as you can. The grant is worth $500 and even if this is a small amount, at least this is an easy-to-apply scholarship. So you should be done with the application process in just a few hours. Paying for your college education online has never been easier!


Into photojournalism? Then you might want to apply for this $2,500 grant

You’re thinking of enrolling with an online bachelor degree because you want the flexibility and you need to save money, but you’re not sure it is worth the effort.

College education online used to get a bad rep, indeed. But these days, you no longer have to feel insecure about your decision if you enroll at an accredited online university.

It’s true that the dreaded diploma mills are still out there trying to find victims. They usually attempt to lure students by offering lower fees and shorter programs. Don’t be fooled by these promises, and always remember to check whether the college you’re considering is an accredited online university.

If your college education online provider is in good standing, you should have no problem in accessing relevant information about their accreditation status. If the university is shady, they will probably try to dodge your concerns or ignore them altogether. If that’s the case, then you should consider such a behavior a major red flag.

A decent accredited online university will probably flaunt their accreditation everywhere, starting with their webpage. So if you can’t find any information regarding that on your college’s website, perhaps it would be a good idea to start looking somewhere else.

After all, there’s no shortage of universities offering online bachelor degree programs these days. Actually you might notice that some brick-and-mortar universities have also set up their own online programs.

So getting on-board with a proper college education online program is no longer such a difficult affair, as it might appear at first.

Do keep in mind, that most online universities these days also offer funding programs for their students to take advantage of. Obviously, you might find that you’re not eligible to apply, but even if that’s the case, don’t get discouraged.

Online students are just as likely to be able to access funds to pay for their online bachelor degree or master’s, as traditional students.

You just have to know where to look. For example, the Internet. The world wide web is teeming with scholarship opportunities.

Like the James Alan Cox Scholarship which is available for students (freshmen, sophomore or juniors) who have taken courses in photography or photojournalism.

In order to apply for this grant, you will need to gather up quite a few documents including the completed application form, teacher mentor form, 2 letters of recommendations, school transcript, as well as financial data.

On top of that, you will be required to write a short essay (250-words or less) in which you have to discuss your interest in photography and photojournalism.

Last but not least, the candidate needs to assemble a portfolio of five digital images of still photography and two videos (max duration of 3 minutes each).

The deadline to submit all this is November 15, 2018.

In return for your efforts, the scholarship program is ready to award five $2,500 scholarships to five different candidates.

So if you think you have what it takes, there’s still time to apply for the James Alan Cox Scholarship.


Studying with a STEM degree? Then this $1,000 easy-to-apply scholarship is just what you need

Online education has changed the face of learning as we knew it by making it feasible for people to continue studying even as they are working a job or raising a family.

Many individuals thought they missed out on the chance to go to college, but distance learning has brought the possibility back into their lives.

We all know that having a college degree is essential for a superior quality of life, but for some people going to university whilst juggling other responsibilities was just not possible.

Well online education has changed all that, giving college a flexible twist. Now students can take online college classes from the comfort of their home, and study when they have the time.

On top of that, online education is also known to be overall more affordable. There is no moving involved here, or alternatively you don’t have to finance daily commutes. What’s more, educational materials for online college classes are often available for students in digital form for free. So you don’t need to pour money into that, on top of having to pay the fees of your distance learning.

But in case you realize you’re still lacking the necessary funds to pay for your online college classes, don’t worry. There are things you can do.

These days, online universities offer their own scholarship programs, so the firsf thing you should do is enquire at your own college to see if they have something you can apply to.

It’s very possible you won’t be eligible, but that’s the case it doesn’t really mean you won’t be able to access funding for your distance learning.

Of course, you can. Just move your search online and you’ll be able to find some scholarships you can apply to. Regardless of your profile, you will certainly stumble upon a few grants for which you going to be eligible.

If you don’t know where to start, let us provide you with an opportunity. It’s called the RevPart STEM Scholarship and is aimed at students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

In order to be considered for the $1,000 scholarship, you need to fill out the application form which is pretty straightforward.

You will need to provide info about your college and exact major, and also to submit your college transcript.

Last but not least, candidates have to send in a short description in which they tell the jury a little about themselves. You’re encouraged to get creative.

The deadline for this scholarship is set for December 31, 2018 and the winners will be announced on January 11, 2019.

On top of the $1,000 grant, RevPart will also award two $250 scholarships.

So if you’re activating in STEM, this easy-to-apply scholarship represents a simple way to get funding. Other scholarships tend to have more complicated application processes that involves sending in long essays or lots of documents. But not this one, which is why you should definitely take advantage of it. If you fit the profile, that is.